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Pastoral Support

The Learning Zone provides daily pastoral support to all students. The team will liaise with parents on any issues arising regarding their pastoral needs. Students should visit the Learning Zone reception for support with:

  • First Aid / Medical Needs
  • Attendance matters (e.g. to sign in / out)
  • Lost uniform or other property (incl. timetables, planners etc)
  • To report any other matter of concern regarding school life

Students in VI Form can seek pastoral support from the team based in Orchard House, view here  

Please find contact details for our pastoral team below.

Name Role Email Address
Mrs B Davé Vice Principal: Pastoral Standards & Student Support
Mr L Shackleton Assistant Principal: Safeguarding & Student Support
Mr D Brookes Director of Pastoral Standards
Mrs K Blake Director of Pastoral Curriculum
Mrs R Horne Head of Year 7
Mrs C Cundy Head of Year 8
Mrs T Pereira Head of Year 9 & Welfare Support Officer
Mr P Brown Head of Year 10
Mr N Cowley Head of Year 11
Mr J Green Year 12 Pastoral Leader
Mrs R Heaney-Cox Year 13 Pastoral Leader
Miss J Coe Assistant Principal: VI Form
Mr J McLellan Anti-Bullying & LGBTQ Lead
Miss K McGowan Attendance & Welfare Officer
Mrs N Nicholls Learning Zone Receptionist/Attendance Assistant