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More Able

Co-Ordinator – Ms A Gray

'Talented' refers to those with particular skills, which may be in creative subjects, or may identify sporting skills, but can also refer to leadership, critical thinking, supporting lower ability students and many others. All More Able students will also have identification of their talents on the More Able register.

‘More Able’ students are identified by high SATS scores, which demonstrate that they have the potential for high academic achievement.

‘Able’ is the term used to describe pupils with a particular subject strength – for example the top 10% in Geography as identified by the teaching staff of that department. Able subject criteria are detailed in the More Able Policy. Teachers, parents and students themselves are invited to suggest nominations for this category.


More Able and Able pupils are identified based on their KS2 SATs scores and GL baseline assessments, which demonstrate that they have the potential for high academic achievement Both teachers and parents are made aware of this cohort. Once a pupil is identified as More Able they cannot be removed from the register unless they leave the school. The More Able register is reviewed and updated annually.

Talented pupils are identified based on teacher nominations. Subjects included: Music, PE, Drama and Art. Pupils are also identified as talented by their skills including: problem solving, creativity, leadership, vocabulary and evaluation.

What We Do

Sir Christopher Hatton Academy are committed to providing an environment in which all pupils are encouraged to realise their potential and maximise their opportunity for development. The Academy runs lots of enrichment activities such as participating in the Scholars Programme with the Brilliant Club, Family Challenge evenings and a variety of Musical, Drama and Sporting Activities. The progress of the More Able cohort is continually monitored throughout their time at the academy and a mentoring programme is put in place for any child who may need additional support.

NACE Challenge Award

At Sir Christopher Hatton Academy we are very pleased to have been awarded our third reaccreditation of the prestigious NACE Challenge award, a highly recognised award of the provision of More Able and Talented learners, for information can be found here: