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House System

At Sir Christopher Hatton we have an established house system that builds a sense of community and pride within our school. We know we’re better when we strive together towards a common goal.

Our house system was rebranded at the end of 2020.  All students and the staff body were able to vote for the new names of the houses.  They chose the theme of Space. Our new houses are:

  • Equinox, the house of equality
  • Luna, the house of gentleness
  • Orion, the house of bravery
  • Titan, the house of inner strength

We feel that these new house names encapsulate how we see ourselves as an Academy. Our new names are about the thrill of exploring the future.

House Events
Due to the current situation, we have been unable to offer our usual extensive programme of house activities. However, we have adapted, and we are running a reduced programme of events that students can participate in remotely:

  • Motivation Monday: motivational videos from Academy staff
  • Tuesday and Thursday 20: get moving with 20minute workouts
  • Wednesday: challenges issued by different non core subjects — let’s get creative!
  • Feelgood Friday: every other week, Mr Wright puts on a quiz that all students participate in during form time. In the weeks in-between, students can complete DT and Art challenges.

Once we are back at school, we will be able to continue with our great tradition of charity events and initiatives. We will be asking students to help choose our local, national and international charities: watch this space!

Mr A Wright
Lead Practitioner i/c House System and Student Voice.

Heads of House


Head of House

Deputy Head of House


Mr Gibbs

Mr Badhan


Mr Brown

Mrs Wood


Mr Clarke

Mr Hall


Mr Maher

Miss Johnston

Student Team

Arpana Kumari

Head Girl

Aidan Youngman

Head Boy

Senior Academy Captains

Mary-Jane Galvin

Harry McWilliam

Callista Quadling

Academy Captains

Jessica Harcup
Hiteshri Monya
Raymond Matata
Anusha Thakrar
Kian Patel
Mia Hawthorn
Grace Youngman
Rebecca Uys
Patrycja Golab
Georgia Lambe
Maisie Rees