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Sir Christopher Hatton


Letter to Parents

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13th July 2016

Dear Parent/Carer

As we look toward the new academic year, Iā€™d like to take the opportunity to remind all parents and students about our uniform policy.

I am sure that one of the reasons you opted to send your child to Sir Christopher Hatton Academy was our very high expectations of our students. Having a uniform policy and ensuring that it is enforced is one of the key ways that we maintain our high standards.

The majority of students do routinely comply with our uniform rules without question, but we still spend a disproportionate amount of time addressing issues with the few who do not. This is unfair; this time could be better spent on helping students learn.

A reminder of our uniform guide can be found on our website, please click the link below or alternatively download the PDF version attached.

May I draw your particular attention to acceptable forms of footwear and jackets ā€“ trainers, canvas shoes and tracksuit tops are NOT school uniform and should not be worn. Students who breach uniform rules will be asked to change into replacement items on a temporary basis and will have items of clothing, footwear, jewellery, phones, headphones etc. confiscated on sight; parents and carers will need to come into the Academy to collect them. In the more extreme circumstances or where students refuse to comply, they will be sent home to correct their uniform.

Please work in partnership with us to ensure that all of our time is spent supporting your children to achieve high academic success.

Yours sincerely

Mrs Clare Raku

Vice Principal ā€“ Pastoral Standards & Student Support