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Sir Christopher Hatton



At Sir Christopher Hatton Academy we publish information about our school and communicate with parents / carers in many ways:

  • Parents’ evenings
  • Informal meetings
  • Newsletters
  • Email and text messages
  • Our own website
  • Social media

We welcome anyone who is interested in the life of our academy to follow us and connect with us on the various social media sites that we use. At the moment we use Twitter. This site allow us to communicate much more frequently about day-to-day life in school; the kind of detail that wouldn’t normally be enough for a newsletter or a meeting.

Use of sites

It’s important for everybody’s safety that we are clear about how we use these sites and what is acceptable behaviour from the people who choose to follow us. We use our social media sites to publish information that is of general interest. We do not believe it is an appropriate place to discuss personal matters that are specific to individual members of our community, whether that be children, parents staff or governors. Whilst the information that we publish will be suitable for all our students, it is important to note that Twitter’s own help pages state that it should not be used by children under the age of 13.


  • We will not publish photographs of children without the written consent of parents / carers
  • We will not identify by name any of the children featured in photographs
  • We will not allow personally identifying information to be published on our social media accounts


  • We will not tolerate any form of bullying on our social media accounts
  • We will not allow posts or comments that refer to specific, individual matters between the school and members of its community
  • We will not tolerate any comments or posts that are defamatory, rude or abusive towards any member of our school community, whether that be children, parents, staff or governors

Our rules

  • Where allowed by the site, we welcome comments on the information we post. However, we reserve the right to delete comments and ban further comments from anyone who breaks the terms of our policy
  • We will ban and report anyone who breaks the terms of service of the relevant social media platform.
  • Please also note that students and staff should refer to the current e-safety, acceptable use, and mobile phone policies and ensure that their actions are consistent with the contents therein.

Please note:

All staff, pupils, parents/carers and visitors must be aware that use of the school network and internet is closely monitored and that if appropriate, individual usage can be traced.

Useful links:

Safety: Parents and Teens tips:

Terms of service:

Privacy Policy: