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Sir Christopher Hatton


Trip Forms

Local Parent Consent Form

For local visits taking place during the school day, that take place locally and do not involve adventurous activities, we are introducing the Local Parent Consent and Code of Conduct form; this will be a one off form that gives full parental consent for future visits taking place during the school day whilst your child is a pupil at the Academy. When this consent is in place letters will be sent home informing of the visit with a permission slip to be returned to confirm participation on the visit.

For trips taking place outside the school day, residentials and adventurous activities we still require a full consent form completing which will go out with letters as required. If your child requires to take medication with them or has any medical needs staff need to be aware of it is important a medication form is completed with full details and returned to the trip leader. 

Please remember to let us know if there is a change of telephone number, address or email to ensure our data system is current as this information will be used as part of the local consent process.