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Support For Years 12 & 13


  • Discuss with your child what they wish to do after 6th form; University or level 4 apprenticeships or a gap year.
  • Your child has a log in to this site can guide them through the options available to them including the available University courses and possible apprenticeships. Your child’s log in is their school email, if they cannot remember their password then click reset password and the site will send them one. This site also records and tracks their progress and allows them to structure their person statement. 
  • Discuss with your child the skills and experiences that they have to record on their Personal Statement or CV’s. Are they members of a club or a team? Do they volunteer or have a part time job? Ask your child to record all of this information as it will be invaluable for their applications.


  • Encourage your child to have an idea of the Universities they may wish to attend and book to attend the University open days (you will find these on each individual Universities website)
  • Make sure when your child is choosing the Universities they wish to attend that they are realistic about the grades that they will be or have been predicted by their teachers.
  • Have high aspirations but also encourage your child to pick an insurance choice.
  • There is a personal statement section of the Unifrog website, ask your child to show you how they are progressing with this.

Level 4 Apprenticeship

  • Did you know that local businesses are looking for A level graduates to study Level 4 apprenticeships, and we have a significant amount of demand right here in Northamptonshire.  Ask your child to sign up to the governments apprenticeship website so they can view vacancies which they may be able to apply for
  • Ask your child to look at this useful website which provides advice when applying for apprenticeships:

Gap Year

  • Discuss with them why they have chosen a gap year and what they plan to do with that time.
  • Encourage your child to think about what they will do after the gap year, if University is their choice a year later encourage them to still write a personal statement as part of Lifeskills with their form tutor using the Unifrog software, as they can gain help and guidance now which will aide them later on. If its the apprenticeship route that they wish to take, ask them to start recording their skills and sign up to the governments apprenticeships page now.


University Guides

Three excellent guides to universities and courses:

Student Finance

Guides to Student Finance: The Government -

Gap Year Support and Guidance

There are many organisations that you can organise a gap year through, (at a cost). Some of the organisations you can find out more from are: