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Sir Christopher Hatton


Senior Leadership Team

If contact with the Form Tutor and/or Director of Year or Head of Faculty has not been resolved through the appropriate process, please contact the relevant member of the Senior Leadership Team. Their roles and responsibilities are as follows, please use the scroll icon for full information:

Mr Rob Hardcastle - Acting CEO


Overall accountability for Hatton Academies Trust Academies

Mrs Clare Raku - Head of School


Accountable for the performance, outcomes, safeguarding and day to day running of      Sir Christopher Hatton Academy

Mr Andrew Wilson - Director of Secondary Standards

  • Performance of Secondary Academies; Subjects and Secondary Year Groups across the Trust
  • Secondary academy due diligence
  • Self-evaluation lead for secondary academies
  • SEFs – whole school and topic SEFs
  • Performance management of secondary academy teaching staff
  • OFSTED preparation with CEO
  • Secondary academy website quality
  • Academies curriculum structure
  • Improvement planning
  • Digital learning overview
  • PIXL lead
  • Challenge Partners Hub Manager (has separate job description from Challenge Partners)
  • Staff consistency, performance and issues at Secondary Academies (with CEO
  • Cross-trust curriculum and other groups leader
  • Staff Absence Monitoring
  • SSAT Lead
  • Secondary Academy complaints investigation
  • Target setting across Trust Secondary academies for subjects and year groups (with VP)
  • SSIF bids and other bids at Trust or secondary level and other external links e.g. free schools
  • Maths hub developments
  • PLASC/external data
  • Aptitude & Admissions tests where applicable
  • Wellingborough area groups e.g. 14-19
  • Sixth Form Senior Leader- monitor and develop provision and outcomes.

Mr Colin Hinds - HAT Director of Finance & Operations

  • Company Secretary/legal
  • Support staff lead
  • Quality of learning environment
  • Health and Safety & Security
  • Accommodation/buildings
  • Lettings
  • Equal opportunities/Equality duty
  • Financial management within the academy trust
  • Resources management
  • Marketing

Mr Alastair Mitchell - Vice Principal: Teaching, Learning & Curriculum

  • Maths faculty overview
  • Ensure statutory curriculum requirements
  • Academy curriculum structure with HSS and CEO
  • Teaching Staff performance management with CEO
  • Extra-curricular provision/Enrichment senior overview
  • World related learning overview
  • Academic and wider curriculum audits
  • Schemes of work leader and quality assurance
  • Transitions KS3-4 and KS4-5
  • Timetable
  • Calendar
  • Staff Absence and Cover
  • Line Manage Cover Supervisors
  • Schemes of Work Overview
  • Staff Duties
  • BAP meetings
  • Leadership and management of Cover Supervisors
  • Academy Lead for Admissions and Tests
  • Fair Access Protocol
  • Teaching and Support Staffing Needs Identification
  • Lead for Academy Teaching Staff Requirement & Recruitment
  • Lead Bids etc. for Academy and HTSA
  • Curriculum area TAs
  • Oversee monitoring and quality of teaching and learning.

Mr N Salisbury - Vice Principal: Standards & Outcomes

  • Academies performance data senior lead
  • Setting targets for staff, subjects, pupil groups with Head of Secondary Standards
  • Curriculum leaders quinns leader
  • Class profiles
  • Parent tutor day
  • Parent evenings
  • SEND quinns rep
  • Work scrutiny
  • Access arrangements/disability
  • Parent surveys and development programme
  • Parent Tutor Day
  • Literacy and Numeracy Overview
  • Gifted & Talented senior overview
  • Internal Examinations
  • External examinations leader
  • Exam revision programmes and exam release
  • Reporting to Parents
  • Data Collection and analysis KS3 and 4
  • Literacy Testing and Analysis
  • Oversee interventions programme
  • Data management system
  • Line manager to data team
  • Baseline testing (GL)
  • Evaluation of performance issues and action (in conjunction with SAP: Achievement & Inclusion)

Mrs Karen Blackett - Senior Assistant Principal: Safeguarding & Student Welfare

  • Child Protection senior academy lead
  • Safeguarding – Senior Designated Person
  • Vulnerable pupils
  • Links with external agencies for student welfare
  • Year 6 Transition and induction
  • Risk awareness e.g. fire, railways.
  • Children Missing from Education
  • Service children
  • LAC/Recently LAC pastoral leader
  • Transgender lead
  • FGM lead
  • Uniform
  • Healthy Schools/lifestyles
  • Family Liaison Lead
  • Medical needs
  • Mental health (students)
  • Well-being Award.

Mrs Keren Gunn - Senior Assistant Principal: SMSC & Citi zenship

  • SMSC programme leader
  • Head of Citizenship education
  • HBACC Leader for management and delivery
  • Curriculum audits re safety; safeguarding.
  • Prevent strategy
  • British values
  • Life skills programme
  • Citizenship course
  • Overview RE Worship and TOTD/W
  • Assemblies programme co-ordination
  • Trips and visits approval, monitoring calendar etc and uptake by gps
  • Study skills development
  • Myriad project
  • Global dimension
  • International School Award
  • Rights Respecting School Award
  • HBACC Lead
  • Equality Duty
  • LGBT/Stonewall


Mrs B Davé - Senior Assistant Principal: Student Engagement 

  • Behaviour for Learning
  • Line Manage Directors of Key Stage/Heads of Year / ISE Manager
  • Student Voice lead
  • Line Manager to attendance officer
  • Oversee registers and staff compliance.
  • Pastoral reviews with HoS.
  • Links with parents regarding pastoral matters
  • Organise detentions and systems
  • Lead on behaviour watch, monitoring and interventions
  • Attendance/Persistent Absence
  • Exclusion monitoring by pupil groups etc.
  • Punctuality
  • Praise, rewards, sanctions
  • Form time and tutors role academy lead
  • ISE Leader and Overview
  • House System
  • Racist Incidents

Mrs T Williams - Senior Assistant Principal: Achievement

  • Science faculty overview
  • Contact with parents/parents voice/HAS/parent tutor day with VP/HoS
  • Inclusion reports
  • SCHA newsletter to parents
  • Gifted and Talented Senior Lead on data/progress
  • PP Lead KS3 & KS4
  • EAL
  • Hard to Reach Parents
  • Maths, English and Year 7 Catch Up
  • KS3 & KS4 LAC academic support
  • Intervention Lead KS 3 + 4
  • KS4 LAC Academic Support
  • KS3-4 Transition
  • Revision Sessions
  • Teaching Assistants- quality, development and performance.



assistant principal: director of sixth form

miss j coe
assistant principal: preparation for world of work

assistant principal: english

ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL: professional tutor