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Sir Christopher Hatton


Results for 2014

Sir Christopher Hatton academy is delighted to share the achievements of our students.

The table below gives an overview of this, well done year 11 of 2013-14 you have opened doors to your future success

  2014   Results Above national? How much by? Is this at least in the top 25% schools? (FFTd)   
Maths A*-C 72% Yes 10% Yes  
English A*-C 73% Yes 11% Yes  
Maths A*-A 18% Yes 3% Yes  
English A*-A 18% Yes 4% Yes  
Maths Expected Progress 80% Yes 10% Yes Top 10% of schools
English Expected Progress 80% Yes 11% Yes Top 10% of schools
Maths Above Expected Progress 35% Yes 3% Yes  
English Above Expected Progress 48% Yes 18% Yes Top 10% of schools

5 A*-C with English and Maths 61% (Above national for last year and we believe this has gone down nationally from press coverage and the lack of published data).

Please note that these figures are the results achieved by our students when they leave year 11