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Sir Christopher Hatton


International Connections

Balodaya English Boarding School, Pokhara, Nepal

Sir Christopher Hatton Academy is linked with Balodaya English Boarding School in Nepal.

The school was set up over 20 years ago by its principal and founder Mr Durga Datta Pageni and his wife Mrs Kamala Pageni.

How the link was created

We forged the link back in 2006 by looking on the British Council’s website to find a school to link with. Mrs Ruth Batchelor and Mrs Janice Ferraz made the initial contact with the school and invited Mr and Mrs Pageni over to visit Hatton.

Balodaya EnglishBoarding School (B.E.Bs)

The school has a mixture of boys and girls between the ages of 4–16. Most of the student’s lessons are taught in English to help them improve their speaking and writing in English. This is a fee paying school, in Nepal after the first 5 years of education all students have to pay for their continuing education.

The school is situated in Pokhara which is a beautiful area of Nepal and enjoys a large lakeside tourist attraction; it is also a stop over for trekkers who are going along the Annapurna trail.

The school itself takes part in all kinds of competitions including: first aid run by the Red Cross, many different sports as well as academic competitions including public speaking, and they also enjoy having a strong dance element within the school.


Mr and Mrs Pageni are hardworking Rotarians who have done a lot of charitable work in Nepal. During their visit to Wellingborough one of the school governors was kind enough to invite them to a Rotary lunch. Hatton’s teachers also visited two rotary luncheons when they went to Nepal and they were guest speakers on the subject of Global education and its importance to the local community and the global community.

Work exchange

Students at Hatton and Balodaya have exchanged weather diaries and these have been used in displays and discussions, looking at the similarities and differences of the weather in these countries.

We have had lots of work from the students in Nepal which shows the attitude towards their studies and how much young people in Nepal value their friendships and their families. Most of the students in Nepal state that their main influence and the person who has mostly inspired them is a member of their family, usually a parent or grandparent.

The students from Nepal also sent some lovely examples of artwork, images of the landscape painted on to leaves.

Send my friend to school

Both Hatton and Balodaya have taken part in this world wide campaign, showing their interest in reminding the world leaders of their promise to ensure that all children should be receiving a primary education. The work produced by students has been sent to Downing street, making students aware of their part in keeping this important campaign in the forefront of our politicians agendas.


At Sir Christopher Hatton Academy Mrs Simmonds, who is the teacher responsible for the Eco group and our International Schools status, organised trees to be delivered from the Woodland Trust so that we can plant them as a sign of our commitment to the environment and also in honour of our link with Balodaya School.

In Nepal the students took part in a “clean up” of their local environment as well as a planting session that was undertaken in their school environment

Students at Balodaya taking part in planting and cleaning up the local environment


During the 2008-9 Academic year students from Sir Christopher Hatton Academy have purchased friendship bangles in order to be able to provide 2 scholarships for Balodaya School. The friendship bangles were produced in Nepal and they are a reminder to the students at Hatton of many things: the fact that they are fortunate to live in a country that values education and is able to ensure that all young people can attend school, it reminds them of the link we have with the school in Nepal and it also reminds them that no matter how small we can all do something that can impact on another person’s life but that acting together as a team the impact that we can have is greater.