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Sir Christopher Hatton




Participation in the very wide range of activities of which we provide beyond the academic curriculum is not just an optional extra here at Sir Christopher Hatton Academy: it is an essential part of our success. We believe that the high level of academic performance that we know is achieved here in no small part is because our children and young people are happy at school and fully involved in its wider life. The wealth of extracurricular activities on offer gives every student the opportunity to discover and exploit the talents and interests that give life balance and richness, promoting both happiness and motivation.

From Irish Dancing to Hair & Beauty and Music Arts Award to Mobile Aps and Knitting we have an astonishing variety of activities as well as external competitions our students can participate in with energy, enthusiasm and commitment, some to national success as well as volunteering with local organisations like DofE and Young Enterprise.

Tuesday Period 6 is our dedicated enrichment time for Years 7 to 9.  Three times a year students can choose activities that  broaden their school experience and allow them to challenge themselves. There are around 40 different activities from which to choose – some delivered on site by external specialists and coaches, others off site and more still by our teaching staff. Most activities are free however there are a few activities where a charge might a apply. Each term we produce a booklet to ensure everyone has an opportunity to choose their 3 options - there is no order of preference - these go into a computer sort. The aim is for everyone to have one of their three choices when this is not possible the computer will allocate an alternative.

This term new activities include Script Writing, Code, Spanish Games, Origami and Costume Design whilst continuing with ever popular options such as Hair & Beauty, Running, Yoga, Minecraft, Film Club, Irish Dancing, Hatton Challenge, Mandarin, Fencing and Girl's Football.  We are always interested to hear of new opportunities to extend our enrichment programme here at the Academy. 

For more information about our enrichment programme please contact Mr Alastair Mitchell, Vice Principal by email on