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Head of Department: Mr S Lane
Head of Art: Mrs K Peel

Key Stage 3 Curriculum

Art is delivered in a thematic way at KS3. Art is a rotation subject with students receiving from September two Art projects in Year 7 and one in Year 8. Pupils are taught to use a wide range of media effectively and creatively and are encouraged to make decisions regarding their own response and how to achieve it. Art history is woven through the projects and is actively used to encourage understanding and knowledge that the students can then apply creatively to their own work. Projects are made up of a variety of tasks with the students covering 2D, 3D, and mixed media.

Homework is directly linked to classwork and supports their learning and helps to develop the students understanding of the current topic. It is used in class to further develop and refine ideas.

In Year 9 Art is an opted for subject area where pupils develop drawing and material skills, and learn how to approach the exam assessment objectives at GCSE. All students are taught the same core skills in order to raise their ability levels and understanding, in preparation for the beginning of coursework in Year 10.

Key Stage 4 Curriculum


Students work through the year in two smaller projects but which fall under one bigger theme, being given the opportunity to further extend skills in a wide range of media and build upon prior learning.

Art history becomes increasingly important as a quarter of their GCSE marks relate to this area, and time is spent on discussion and understanding of their own and others' work. Pupils work in quality sketchbooks and on a bigger scale through large paper to encourage students to demonstrate diversity in their work and skills.

Year 11 comprises of one additional project in the Autumn term, and the exam which takes all of the Spring term.

Trips are a developing area of the course and contribute to the students wider understanding.