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Sir Christopher Hatton


Able, Gifted & Talented

Co-ordinator – MISS A WATERFALL


'Gifted' is used to describe learners who have specific cognitive abilities, and therefore high potential in academic subjects – specifically the core subjects - Maths, English and Science. A gifted pupil would normally be strong in all of these subjects and not just one specific subject. They are identified by high scores in the CATS tests, taken at the end of year 6.

'Talented' refers to those with particular skills, which may be in creative subjects, or may identify sporting skills, but can also refer to leadership, critical thinking, supporting lower ability students and many others. All Gifted and More Able students will also have identification of their talents on the Gifted and Talented register.

‘More Able’ students are identified by high SATS scores, which demonstrate that they have the potential for high academic achievement.

‘Able’ is the term used to describe pupils with a particular subject strength – for example the top 10% in Geography as identified by the teaching staff of that department. Able subject criteria are detailed in the Gifted and Talented policy. Teachers, parents and students themselves are invited to suggest nominations for this category.


  • Our school mission statement states that We aim for excellence in all that we do

Our educational philosophy is a very simple one

To develop the full potential of all our pupils according to their ability, both in the classroom and outside. This is achieved by encouraging pupils to work hard at their studies and join in the large range of extra-curricular activities available. We endeavour to do all this in an atmosphere conducive to learning created by mutual respect between teachers and pupils.

This philosophy indicates our commitment to providing an environment in which all pupils are encouraged to realise their potential and maximise their opportunity for development. All children need encouragement and support. All pupils should receive the education they need and if they need specialised or extra help because of a gift or talent then this should be recognised.


The Gifted and Talented programme is intended to support the following aims within the Academy:

  • Raising the aspirations of all pupils
  • High expectations of achievement for all pupils
  • Greater enterprise, self-reliance and independence for all pupils

In order to achieve these aims, we will ensure that all pupils have opportunities to develop specific skills or talents.

All pupils are individuals with their own special needs and requirements. ‘Gifted’, ‘Talented’ and ‘Able’ pupils need to be identified, targeted, supported and challenged. Strategies for these pupils need to be devised and implemented, and pupil progress needs to be monitored. This is not to say that more able pupils are more worthy of individual attention than any other pupil - rather than, within a framework of equal opportunity, they are entitled to have their needs recognised and addressed.